The image of wall water fountains conjures thoughts of office building lobbies, and perhaps corridors in the airport, or lobbies of upscale hotels. However, wall water fountains have moved into residential homes as well, and retailers have embraced the opportunity to market these to consumers seeking the relaxing sounds of cascading water in their own homes. Now there are countless options available in wall water fountains, with styles to suit any taste, from traditional to modern. A search of the internet will reveal the vast number of websites dedicated to selling wall fountains.

For those who would like to use a wall water fountain as a replacement for a framed piece of art, the Giverny Wall Fountain combines the two. The face of this fountain is acrylic painted with lily pads reminiscent of Claude Monet's lilies that he so loved to paint. Water cascades down the face of the fountain, giving the painting a shimmery effect. The frame is copper, and the fountain sells for $1,125 at

A contemporary home or office will benefit from the placement of the Cottonwood Falls Stainless Steel Wall Fountain. The face of the fountain is slate and steel, and the frame is stainless steel. Water cascades down the face of the fountain, which measures sixty-nine inches high and sixty-four inches wide. The fountain is priced at $3,510 at

The Raja Slate Indoor Wall Fountain is offered by the Whispering Creek Wall Collection. The slate used for the face of the fountain is mined from quarries and hand cut, so no two fountains are exactly alike. Water cascades gently down the slate surface to a basin of polished stones below. The frame is made of bronze, and its dimensions are forty-six inches tall by twenty-two inches wide. This fountain is available at for $854.

Outdoor gardens can also benefit from the presence of a wall water fountain. The Sun Water Wall Fountain is a stone fountain that can be mounted on any outdoor wall. It weighs only twenty-five pounds, making hanging easy. This fountain is carved is carved in detail with a blazing sun. Water pours from the sun's mouth into the basin below. The Sun Water Wall Fountain is available for $149.95 at It is about thirty inches tall by sixteen inches wide.

A wall water fountain for the kitchen, dining room, or breakfast nook, the Framed Clock and Trickling Kettles features water trickling from a ewer at the top, then cascading over the bowls below. The resin frame is given a look of antique wrought iron. The antiqued clock is inset above the ewer. This fountain is sold for $102.38 at

The Tiered Wall Fountain is a unique piece that is at home in most rooms of the house. It consists of two overlapping diamonds, one on top of the next. Water pours from a faucet-type opening in the top into an open basin in the lower one. The antiqued finish gives the piece a little history and a lot of character. It is item number 89-WCT-104 at, and it sells for $84.95.


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