I've always loved sparkly things! Show me anything with glitter or sequins in it, on it - or even near it! - and I'm absolutely sold! Any excuse to add some sort of sparkle in my home and I'm first in line to check it out... I'm also constantly on the lookout for inspiration and new ideas for home interiors. So I got the best of both worlds when I came across the Chromatic Mosaic Tiles collection.

The bubbling chrome used in these Chromatic mosaic tiles is sealed in smooth, clear or coloured glass. It has a wonderful jewel-like quality and adds sparkle to any room in which these mosaics are placed. At any time of the day, you will see something different in these glass tiles, as the changing light highlights different tones and creates new reflections around the room. They will create a sense of light, brightening up any area and create a beautiful focal point in your kitchen or bathroom.

They look gorgeous in large blocks where you can really see all the different colours within the glass. If you're on a tighter budget or prefer a more subtle approach, they also look very effective as a simple border. If you're feeling particularly creative, why not take them from their webbed backing and create your own custom mosaic effect? You could try blending from one shade to another, have contrasting bands of colour going across the wall or create your own wavy shaped mosaic design. Why not try this idea: take the dark blue shades of Chromatic Azurite and create your own custom blend up to the more aqua and green tones of Chromatic Lagoon. I think it would look absolutely stunning in a shower or bath area!

My favourite in this Chromatic mosaics collection is Chromatic Purple Haze as it incorporates another love of mine - purple! Though equally delicious are the blues and greens of Chromatic Lagoon and the blues and purples of Chromatic Azurite; so evocative of the sparkles on the sun-drenched Mediterranean sea on a beautiful summer day!

With this glass mosaic tile range, you really do have everything. Including:

  • a choice of beautiful, deep and rich colours
  • glittery, sparkly, light-reflecting radiance
  • a custom style effect which will never rub off or fade
  • modern styling for your kitchen or bathroom

Be the envy of your neighbours and friends by choosing these glass mosaic tiles for your next home decorating project! Say "goodbye" to boring, flat-looking ceramic tiles and say "hello" to a wonderful, glittery, sparkling, depth of colour! Don't just take my word for how beautiful these mosaic tiles are. View this Chromatic Mosaic Tiles Gallery and see for yourself!


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